Products for Fire Safety & Building Security

Keep a peace of mind with Vision Ventures’ Protection Line of products for passive fire protection and ballistic security. The range of products specialized in acting as a guard against natural disasters, act of terrorism, sabotages and vandalism. Its strength serves to resist the penetration of ballistics, explosives and weaponry, which may cause potential injury and property damage. Aesthetics are no longer compromised for security as the vital qualities of glass as a see-through and display module are maintained.

Our products are tested, certified, listed and labeled by UL, Intertek/Warnock-Hersey, BS/EN standards.

Bullet Resistant Glass / Security Glass

Levels of Protection BR1-S, BR2-S, BR3-S, BR4-S, BR1-NS, BR2-NS, BR3-NS, BR4-NS, BR5-NS, BR6-NS, BR7-NS, STANAG II, STANAG III, UL 752, UL LEVEL 1,2,3,4,5,8, UL NIJ LEVEL IIIA, III, IV. Thickness ranging from 19 mm to 75 mm further details available on request.

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Fire Resistant Glass

We offer technologically advanced fire rated glass with fire rating ranging from 30 mins to 120 mins E30-E120, EW30-EW120, EI30-EI120, fire rated glass thickness ranging from 5 mm to 55 mm,

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