We understand that some people are nervous about specialty glass, there’s no need to be, contact us today.

Vision Ventures Specialty Line is about revolutionizing glass and glass applications with state-of-the-art technology. Here at Vision Ventures, we believe that by being on the forefront of innovation, we can resolve challenges of glass to go beyond the usual expectations and functions of glass applications.

  •   Heatable Glass/Anti-Condensation Glass
  •   Electro-magnetic Shileding Glass
  •   Switchable Sun/Shade Control Glass/Electrochromic Glass
  •   Solar Responsive Sun/Shade Control Glass/Thermochromic Glass /Sunlight Activated Glass
  •   Acoustic Glass/Sound Insulation Glass
  •   LED Glass
  •   Digital Glass Façade for Advertising
  •   Digital Media Glass for Advertising
  •   Interactive Glass/Touch Screen Glass
  •   Sound Glass/Invisible Glass Speaker
  •   Rear Projection Glass Films for Interior & Exterior
  •   Sunscreen Films
  •   One Way Vision Glass / Spy Glass
  •   Anti-Reflective Glass/Anti-Glare Glass
  •   Anti-Reflective Tempered / Laminated / Low-E Glass
  •   Anti-Reflective Clear Float / Low-Iron / Acid-Etched Glass

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