Vision Ventures is an international trading and business advisory firm engaged in architectural glass/ construction/interior/infrastructure/real estate solutions, international trading of various commodities viz precious metal, industrial metals, petroleum, oil & gas, minerals, petrochemicals, fertilizers, polymers, chemicals, agricultural; international trade finance solutions, business/project risk management services, forex trading, currency arbitrage, renewable energy – solar / wind / hydro / bio - clean energy finance & technology, healthcare/ education/ hospitality / aviation sectors financial & investment advisory services.

We offer B2C, B2B and B2G business solutions. We aim to empower every client, trader, corporate, entrepreneur, investor and individual by becoming their growth catalyst by providing various business catalytic process innovations. Our solutions are client-centric, time-tested, result-oriented and game-changer.

Established in 2007 in Hamriyah Free Zone, Sharjah, U.A.E. We serve global market with special focus on India, Far East, Africa, Europe and South America.

Why Choose Us?

If you are looking for balanced ratio of most competitive product & quality, you are on the right place...

Our Business Model

  •   High level business & industry networking   
  •   Global Sourcing & Procurement
  •   Indenting & Commercial Brokerage
  •   Marketing & Distribution
  •   Commercial Intermediary
  •   Representation & Facilitation
  •   Advisory & Consulting

Industries We Serve

  •   Building Construction / Real Estate / Interior Design
  •   Infrastructure – Highways/Bridges/Airports/Aviation/Water/Waste Water/Rail/Transit
  •   Retail Spaces & Hospitality
  •   Hotels & Restaurants
  •   Healthcare & Hospitals
  •   Education
  •   Furniture & Joinery
  •   Security & Defense
  •   Oil & Gas
  •   Chemicals & Petrochemicals
  •   Ports / Marine / Shipping
  •   Metals & Mining
  •   Agro – Farm to Fork / Farm to Fashion
  •   Food Processing
  •   Media & Advertising
  •   Entertainment

Our Values

  •   We are a values driven organization. Our fundamental core values are:
  •   Mutual Trust, Respect and Understanding
  •   Ethical, Reliable and Responsible
  •   Win-Win Relationship
  •   Transaction and Mission oriented with Simplicity
  •   Social Responsiveness & Accountability

Why Us?

  •   Strong personal relationship with international players having various domain expertise
  •   Deep understanding of International Market & Business
  •   International Network
  •   Attention to detail
  •   Open to communication.
  •   Personalized and professional approach
  •   Committed to Customers, Suppliers, Associates, Stakeholders
  •   Strive for creating unique, viable and profitable business opportunities
  •   Strong business and financial acumen