Trade Finance

Trade Finance

We advise clients/importers/exporters globally for international trade transactions. We offer structured trade and commodity finance, receivable financing, voyage financing, supply chain financing, and invoice financing.

We provide high-impact-value-added services to importers, exporters, buyers, sellers to facilitate international trade transactions. We arrange financial instrument for your global suppliers from any part of world as per your payment terms with supplier. We are able to assist to arrange below mentioned financial instruments:

Bank Instruments

  •   Letter of Credit (LC) –Sight LC
  •   Letter of Credit – Usance LC
  •   Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)
  •   Bank Guarantee (BG)
  •   Bank Comfort Letter (BCL)

Trade Execution Solutions

  •   LC to Supplier against LC from Buyer / Back to Back LC
  •   Payment to Seller against LC / SBLC from Buyer
  •   Payment to Seller against Invoice / Open Credit Solutions

Trade / Contract Execution - Guarantee to Receive Advance Payment

  •   Advance Payment Guarantee
  •   Performance Guarantee Bond
  •   Assurance Bond / Risk Management

Financial instruments are available for various commercial contracts and trade transactions for commodities like rice, sugar, edible oil, wheat, wood logs, timber, plywood, fertilizer, chemicals, petrochemicals, polymers, crude oil, iron ore, steel bars, copper cathode, copper ingots, aluminium ingots, HMS 1 & 2, gold dore bars, heavy machinery, equipments, fuel, jet fuel, bitumen, base oil, rapeseed oil, cement, marble, tyres etc.